American Spirits On Tour!!

That's right!! If you're in the Midwest, LA, or Canada, now's your chance to grab / check out a comic in real life! Plus, the very fine folks at both Chicago Zine Fest and Toronto Comic Arts Fest have invited me to do a real live reading and a cozy, queer-centric interview live, too! 

Admission for Chicago, Toronto, and Vancouver is totally 100% free, so please come on down, check it out, and spend a weekend or an afternoon amongst a magic forest of indie and small press comics!!

American Spirits at Chicago Zine Fest!!

Are you geared up for the first tour date of the season?! American Spirits will be at Chicago Zine Fest selling comics, showing off original art, and signing all through the Fest! Admission is free, because CZF are awesome people who care a lot about accessibility!!

Stay tuned for more news on table numbers, readings, and a super-secret special panel I'm not allowed to talk about yet, so you didn't hear it from me. (And don't forget - I'm traveling all around the East Coast, Midwest, and Canada this year talkin' comix and ghosts, so come out and spend some time at your local indie comic convention!!) 

American Spirits Issue #1 back in print!

This is your friendly reminder that it's 2016, I've got the press up and running, and we're (I'm) printing our second (third, if you count the half-run for the holidays) run, which means you can now buy them again!

It runs 30~ pages, is 100% full color the entire way through, and is only $5! That's only five moneys!! You can get it at my little online store here, or if you'd prefer to buy one in person, you can stop by one of my tour dates or check it out in brick-and-mortar at Wasted Ink in Phoenix, AZ.