The Dawn of a New Website!

 It took forever (weeks, even!) but American Spirits now has a shiny new website! Now you can American your Spirits even harder because, hopefully, it'll be easier to find everything and more pleasant to navigate.

What kind of fun things does the magic of the Internet have in store?! Well-

  • American Spirits on Tapastic! "Andi, the old website was slow and dicey" you said. Fear not! American Spirits is now on Tapastic, and as each chapter updates - occasionally split into halves or thirds for longer chapters - you can read them! Cohesively! Right here!!
  • Get ready Canada, I'm entering you I'm taking this show on the road and tabling my zines and comics at all kinds of places, this year including Chicago, Toronto, and Vancouver! Check the Tour schedule for updates as 2016 goes on! You'll be able to buy American Spirits #1 and shake the hand of the idiot responsible (me).
  • Physical American Spirits comics for purchase That's right, you can buy a copy of the exquisitely hand-bound (and hand-printed, hand-inked, hand-drawn, hand-lettered) first issue of the American Spirits zine series here online, or IRL at a con!
  • Blog!! I finally have a blog for the comic! (It's this. You're reading it right now). I solemnly swear I will update regularly, as things are constantly happening, and that is pretty dang sweet.

You may have also noticed the URL redirects to this (the main site) now! You can access the old site (which will be updated sporadically) via the menu, if you are a stickler for that kind of thing. I don't blame you. I left it up there for a reason.

I hope you're all having a blast now that it's 2016, and I'm pumped you read all the way to the end of this blog post!! See, this year is full of unexpected surprises.