About the Comic!

American Spirits is an ongoing comic about Jen and Allie, two unemployed paranormal investigators who bust ghosts and deal with their complex interdependent relationship. And bust ghosts.

The comic has been going since late 2014, but only really started to get into the groove around mid 2015. Don't let me tell you when stuff starts to take off, though.


"American Spirits is a quirky, good-looking nerd-a-thon of a webcomic [...] Santagata hasn’t been at this comic for long, but it’s already on my weekly webcomic pull-list." -Al Rosenberg, Women Write About Comics

About the Author!

It's me! Andi! I'm a cartoonist who makes comics and zines. I live in LA with my partner and kitten (not the same person/cat), have awful PTSD, a fierce love for King of the Hill, and more than one ska tattoo. I'm sorry. (You can see my website/portfolio here: http://www.andisantagata.com)



Email: SuitedDevil@gmail.com

Social Media: @SuitedDevil

Issue #1

You can now acquire a hard-copy, full color, 30-page edition of the "Shiny Nickel" storyline (plus a bunch of extra bonus stuff!) in the form of a zine!

>> Buy it from my Wee Online Store >> Buy it IRL at: Wasted Ink Zine Distro, Phoenix, AZ

Press & Reviews

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